Become a Partner

There are as many ways to shop as there are things to buy. We provide high standard service for the most demanding customers so you can shop with confidence. A family-run group, Merla strives to ensure customer satisfaction with high-quality products in accordance with its identity and expertise. Our focus is to be a preferred business partner for our vendors.


Why Merla?

Merla is not a traditional retailer that only resells the product. We have a team of experts in the field of marketing and sales. Our focus is to be a preferred business partner for the brands by increasing their market share and brand awareness on online platforms.

How do we achieve success?

Our objective is to attract customers by using a combination of sales and marketing tactics which are mainly utilizing digital marketing channels and search engine optimization (SEO). Before applying digital marketing tools, our team inspects the catalogues' photos/description/titles and collaborates with the brands to optimize the listings if needed. We analyze the success of the previous campaigns and customer behaviour and we make data-driven adjustments to improve future sales. With the combination of digital marketing tools and analyzing the data, we are able to provide products from various categories to our customers and improve the sales of the brands.

How to work with Merla?

One easy step, we just kindly ask you to reach us. To list your products on Merla's Online Platforms and be a business partner, please contact Merla Sales Development Team by using Our team will respond in less than 24 hours.